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Our company which is located in Antalya has wide range of products thanks to our dependable suppliers and unrivaled marbel quarries located in Turkey.

Our main products are beige, white, grey and colored boutique marble as well as limestone, travertine and Onyx.

Elis Marble specializes in block, slab, mosaic and custom cut marble export.

With our high quality service, quality understanding, and best price principle, we continue to improve in becoming one of the leading exporters in the industry.

White Marbles

Grey Marbles

Grey Marbles

Colored Marbles

Color Marbles



Beige Marbles

Beige Marbles


After Sale Services


We work with international professional logictics companies and meeting the delivery deadline is our top priority.


All shipped products are go through disinfection process which is overseen by agricultural Engineers from our partner companies.


Pre loading, all products go through precise weighing process in order to determine their exact weight.


All packaged products has a label that indicates its weight, quantity, type, quality and name

Safety Checking

All items are carefully checked during loading process in order to secure them against any damage that might occur during transport.


Transportation, billing and customs documents are prepared according to customers' needs and double checked to ensure no errors.


We provide you 24/7 service regarding our block and sized marble products. For further information regarding the product you selected such as stock, manufacturing, delivery, pricing and other technical aspects, you can write to us at sales@elismarble.com. We will provide feedback as soon as possible.




Choosing the best is just the beginning,

delivering the promise is the first step of that beginning.





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